The Charter of the ver.di Youth Education Center Berlin-Konradshöhe, e.V.

English version is not legally binding and only for purposes of comprehension!


Para. 1

Name, location and business year

The Association is named “Ver.di Youth Education Center Berlin-Konradshöhe, e.V.” located in Berlin. It is entered in the Association Register. The business year is the calendar year.


Para. 2


The Association provides support and extracurricular education for young adults. It aims to enable all young adults, regardless of their involvement in the United Service Workers Union, to more fully understand social processes as they relate to political and professional development so they can be better critical thinkers and active participants in democracy.

The Association works toward its goals particularly through:

  1. the development and implementation of seminars and events on political, cultural and union-related topics for youth and young adults.
  2. the development and implementation of measures to support youth development, in particular regarding questions of life guidance and professional development for youth and young adults, and to establish role models that encourage healthy relationships and discourage violence and addiction. The property administration of ver.di GmbH provides the building and property on Stößerstraße 18 in Berlin-Konradshöhe for this purpose.

Para. 3

Common good

The Association is first and foremost for the common good, as defined by the tax code. It is altruistic in nature and not established for financial gain.

Association assets are to be used exclusively to carry out the Charter's goals. Association Members receive no financial dividends nor any other benefits. The Association shall not compensate anyone for expenses unrelated to the purpose of the Association nor offer disproportionately high compensation. There shall be no claims to Association assets upon leaving the Association or the Association's disbandment.

Para. 4


Membership is allowed for natural persons and for Members of the United Service Workers Union. Membership is also allowed for those from the DGB Union who willingly support the Association's efforts with competent and responsible collaboration. There are no membership fees or capital contributions. Membership is decided by the Board.

Para. 5

Withdrawal from the Association is at all times possible. The General Assembly may expel Members should they act contrary to the Charter and it is also responsible for ruling on appeals.

Para. 6

General Assembly

The General Assembly shall convene twice each year and must at least once per year. A call to meet must be made in writing with at least two week's notice. A quorum exists when at least half of all Members are present.

Resolutions are passed by simple majority except where otherwise stated in the Charter. In the case of tie votes, the General Assembly leader casts the deciding vote.

A General Assembly meeting must convene when at least one-third of all Members call for one. A transcript signed off by the General Assembly leader shall be written up.

Para. 7

The General Assembly is in particular responsible for

  • election and recall of the Board
  • the resolution of the Board's annual report
  • the release of the Board and secretaries
  • electing auditors
  • advising fundamental questions


Para. 8

The Board

The Board consists of the Board Members in accordance with Para. 26 BGB. The Board is made up of the chairperson, a deputy and at least three other members.

The Board operates in an honorary capacity.

The Board has a quorum when at least 3/5 of its Members are present for Board meetings.

Each Board Member or Deputy may legally represent the Association together with the other Board Members.

The Board is responsible for general administration. It may appoint a secretary. During the appointment period, the secretary may further appoint special representatives in accordance with Para. 30 BGB to represent the Association to the State of Berlin and other bodies. The appointment is valid until submission of a termination declaration, which also ends the authority to legally represent the Association. The secretary is not a Member of the Association.

Para. 9

Amendments to the Charter

Amendments can be made during the General Assembly meeting and with a 3/4 majority. Amendments to the Association's purpose for the common good (Para. 2) are prohibited.

In certain cases the Board is empowered to carry out non-substantive changes to the Charter, such as to meet regulatory or procedural requirements. The Board is required to immediately inform Members of its need to enact such changes and provide cause.

Para. 10


In the case of disbandment of the Association or loss of its tax-privileged status, Association assets shall go to ver.di Gewerkschaftspolitische Bildung gemeinnützige Gesellschaft mbH, located in Berlin, and shall be used explicitly for tax-privileged purposes.