Learning at the youth education center

A typical scenario: Before the seminar begins, participants sit in a circle to talk about what happened the night before. They complain that it was too loud. The team leader mediates the conflict and helps participants find a solution for the remaining days together.

It's a common scene at the youth education center. All our seminars focus on fair communication, democratic participation and accepting responsibility. Seminar participants have a say in the event's content and order. The team leaders are called such because seminars are designed together -- as a team.

Free time and learning go together, as the above scene illustrates. Lessons and values learned in the daytime seminars are realized at the evening ping-pong game or grill outing.

From professional trainings to a seminar on globalization, our programs involve diverse methodology. Role plays and entirely new worlds get created whether at the Forum Theater, on a film shoot or written out. Team-building activities reveal how well a group works together and nearly every morning begins with a “Wup”-- a small game to get up and out of bed.

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The participants wrote down their wishes